Interesting bits of knowledge and experience picked up on the journey through a project development cycle.

Previously we looked at the inputs, what they look like inside the amplifier, and the differences between ideal and real behaviour. This time we look at what comes out the front end of the amplifier. When hooking up a source (power supply / battery / amplifier) to a load (appliance […]

Cooking with Op-Amps, part 3: Output Impedance.

This series of posts explores  fundamental op-amp design issues; why in some projects tough problems never turn up, yet in others they create insurmountable obstacles. The simplest op-amp circuits or design requirements can keep a designer away from the non-ideal features of op-amps, but sooner or later, all those tables […]

Cooking with Op-Amps, part 1: Introduction & Basics.

208mm of RG-6/U makes a nice 4:1 Balun. 64
This post comes under the Sidetracks category because it isn’t strictly part of J-Tech’s business (we don’t sell antennas) but it is related to wireless design. There were two objectives to this exercise: 1) learn about the Yagi/Uda antenna from a practical standpoint; 2) get something for nothing. The “something” […]

Building a Yagi Antenna for UHF

Recently, while developing a line of sensors, we had a little fun working with a Raspberry Pi module. Like all things open-source, documentation can be a little sparse, out of sync, inconsistent, and difficult to follow; worse, it’s often organized as a reference as opposed to a lesson. We distilled […]

Raspberry Pi – Python V3 I2C Support