Web-Enabled Telephone



  • Cirrus Logic CL-PS7111 (ARM 710A core) with the following additional Hardware:
    • Flash (6Mx8).
    • DRAM (1,2 or 4Meg x 32bit).
    • Message Wait LED.
    • LCD with ΒΌ VGA resolution (320 x 240), 16 shades of grey.
    • Real time clock.
    • Keyboard (qwerty) on slide-out tray.
    • Keypad.
    • Serial Port.
    • Smart Card Slot.
  • Texas Instruments TMS320C548-80 DSP with the following additional hardware:
    • 64KBytes SRAM.
    • Two telephony Analogue Interface Codecs (AICs).
    • One DAA for interfacing one of the codecs to a standard PSTN 2-Wire Interface.
    • One 4-wire interface for controlling the handset and speaker/microphone (speakerphone) devices.
    • Control/Status register to the DSP for controlling the DAA and 4-wire interface.
    • Microphone.
    • Speaker.
    • Handset.


The above image is of a prototype. The small board over the main processor is a serial port level shifter, added for debugging purposes.


The two processors communicate via the Host Port Interface on the DSP. The 7111 processor is the master, while the DSP as slave controls the bulk of telephony functions.


This product was sold as a component of a complete telephone by M-Power Incorporated. M-Power can be contacted at:


Alternatively, inquiries can be directed to J-Tech Engineering. Please see the company info page for contact information.