CDPD Modem Carrier



  • Mounting platform for Sierra Wireless SB300 (built into PCMCIA Type III case).
  • EIA-232 Level shifter bringing all signal and control lines to standard connector.
  • Reset Switch.
  • FFC cable for connecting modem to carrier board.
  • 5V DC regulated power input.
  • Easily interface CDPD modem to any PC or host computer.
  • 94V0 Rated PCB


Developed in response to customer need, this product performs the simple task of making a CDPD modem available to a standard serial port on a PC or other piece of industrial equipment. The CDPD modem in question, a Sierra Wireless SB300, provides only an FFC ribbon cable connection with 5V signalling. The carrier board not only breaks out the difficult-to-work-with FFC cable but performs the task of level shifting all signals so that any data terminal equipment may be used for communication.