Below is a limited selection of consulting projects untertaken by J-Tech Engineering.

EP7209 Evaluation Platform

Reference design for the Cirrus Logic PS7211/EP7209 RISC processor (ARM7TDMI core), including interfaces to keyboard, multiple LCD displays, touch screen overlay, PCMCIA interface, USB port, 10BaseT ethernet, 16Mbytes DRAM, 16Mbytes flash, 32Mbytes NAND flash, SmartMedia interface, RS-232 ports, IrDA, parallel port, 16-bit stereo sound, and local switching supplies. This board also features a module site for mounting different processors in different packages (such as BGAs) on the main board.

ARM Daemon Debug Monitor Port

Software port with additional flash programming interface for customer’s proprietary Cirrus Logic CL-PS7500FE (ARM710C core) based platform. The flash suite was for burning Intel Strataflash.

CL-PS7500FE Evaluation Platform

Reference design for the Cirrus Logic CL-PS7500FE RISC (ARM 710C core) processor, including interfaces to keyboard, mouse, serial ports, IrDA, parallel port, ISA slots, 10BaseT ethernet, VGA/LCD/NTSC displays, modem, 16-bit stereo audio and local switching power supplies.

DC Uninterrupted Power Supply

Modular Uninterrupted Power Supply for supplying DC power to the electric brakes of a DC powered ladle crane in a steel plate mill, including charge voltage temperature compensation. Unit is capable of sourcing up to 1350 Watts of power for 10 minutes. Battery management and operation is handled by Microchip PIC16C71 microcontroller.

Electronic Gas Flow Meter Calibrator

Instrumentation hardware and software for industrial gas flow meter calibration, including a temperature feedback controlled oven for analogue component stability, 24-bit sigma-delta ADC converter and platinum RTD sensor. This application involved generating complete control software (in C) for communicating with the ADC, oven controller, host PC (RS-232), and gas flow meter (also RS-232).

Multi-line Telephone Interface Module

A generalized module for interfacing to TMS320Cxx, TMS320C54x, and TMS320C2xx processors. This product was a daughter-module intended for mounting on the customer’s existing DSP platform. The design supported multiple module stacking such that up to four complete telephone interfaces could be operated simultaneously. The system worked by setting the DSP’s serial port in a TDM mode and daisy-chaining serial interface connections; this allowed additional codecs to be added to the same serial interface as needed.

Web Enabled Telephone

Full-featured telephone containing a RISC (CL-PS7110/7111, ARM710a core) and DSP (TMS320C50/C548) processor architecture with a cold-cathode florescent back-lit display, 1/4 VGA, 16 shades of grey, touch screen overlay, Smart-Card interface, Mini-Card interface and slide out qwerty keyboard. Inter-processor communication was initially through dual-port RAM, but was later redesigned to use the host port interface of the TMS320C548.

Super-Regenerative Radio Receiver

Microcontroller based superregenerative radio receiver for VHF band radio controlled applications. This module controls the rotational angle of a servo based on received data. The superregenerative receiver was chosen because no quartz-based crystals or oscillators are required; this is highly desirable as the application environment is subject to impacts approaching 10,000 Gs. An extremely robust mounting technique was developed to allow the board to survive in the application environment.